Advice & Aftercare - Now you have beautiful nails!!

You'll need to follow these simple steps to keep them pristine

Treat your nails as jewels  & NOT as tools !!!! 

1) Use  cuticle oil  & hand cream every night to help keep nails durable & hands healthy.   Massage stimulates growth, so gently rub the oil in.  Carry a small hand cream in your hand bag.  With Gelish by Hand & Nail Harmony, apply Nourish Cuticle Oil twice a day, and more importantly underneath the free edge - it is enriched with oils to rehydrate and condition the natural nail plate and will NOT cause any lifting to your product. Nourish Cuticle Oil is available to Purchase from Aphrodite Nails.

2) To keep  your Bio Sculpture Overlays shiney, remove top coat with Bio-sculpture Dual Cleanser or  Bio Sculpture Non Acetone Nail Polish Remover.  Re-apply Bio Sculpture high gloss top coat, at least weekly, between appointments.   Never use other brands, as they are too harsh and could cause the gels to lift.

3) When gardening wear gloves to prevent dirt getting underneath your  nails, and also to prevent scratches on the surface of the gel.   

4) Use a spoon to open tins and can ring pulls etc & NOT your fingernails.  Use the pads of your fingers rather than your nails for opening car doors, making the bed etc.

5) Always use gloves when cleaning, decorating & washing up.  Oil based products and strong detergents can cause the gel to lift.  Avoid acetone based nail polish removers.  These can start to break down the surface of Gelish and may cause lifting & staining.


6) After swimming wash hands thoroughly to remove chlorine as it is a strong chemical and could also cause the gel to lift

7) After application of suntan lotion wash hands thoroughly to prevent the gel lifting or staining. Also wear gloves when applying fake tan and wash your hands after applying sunscreen. Avoid S.P.F. products, tinted lotions and hair colour on your new nails as these can discolour the product, always wash hands thoroughly after use, or wear gloves (especially if you are wearing a pale colour or French)

8) Always discuss a maintenance programme with your nail technician,
  this will usually be every two/three weeks, depending on your nail growth.  Always try to book well in advance to avoid disappointment.

9) Do not pick cuticles, natural nails or gel overlays.  Any gel overlay is not indestructable.  Gelish is designed to create an adhesive bond to the natural nail plate and if picked will cause damage to the natural nail.

10) Do not bite your nails.  Keep your fingers out of your mouth.  Have regular manicures, as you're less likely to chew, pick or bite them if your nails look & feel healthy.  Even nail biters - if you treat yourself to regular manicures or gel overlays, it will make you proud of your nails so you're less likely to bite them.

11) DO NOT file your nails unless absolutely necessary, take care to file gently and finish in a downward stroke.

12) Finally, take care of your nails!!  They are not indestructable, but by keeping to these points you can ensure your Gelish/Bio Sculpture overlays will stay as fresh as the day it was done