Famous Names' Revolutionary IBX & IBX Repair System   £7.50 per treatment


For a limited time only, 5 treatments for £28.00


IBX Repair is an intensive treatment to target imperfections and weaknesses that prevent natural nails from growing long.  It is also used to improve the nail plate integrity under any gel polish coating.  It is used in addition to IBX to treat particularly weak, thin and damaged nails. Can be used for specific damage repair

IBX is a penetrating toughening agent that fuses together the nail's top layers to keep your nails strong so that they grow long!

IBX applied Once Weekly - for Damaged and very thin nails, Delaminated and peeling free edges, Severely ridged and brittle nails.

IBX applied Every Two Weeks - for Nails that are on the road to recovery, Difficulty with nail growth, Heavily grooved nails.

IBX applied Every Three Weeks - Maintenance made to keep nails in good condition, Enhance polish wear, Beautiful nails with no polish

The IBX System uses heat and LED light to help penetrate a blend of jojoba and avocado oil plus toughening agents deep into the nail, where it forms an ‘interpenetrating polymer network’ that fuses the nails’ top layers together with little flexible polymer links.

The result? Hydration is locked in. Nails are strengthened. Peeling stops, splitting stops. White spots disappear.