New to Gelish - Recovery & Strength LED vitamin nail strengtheners

Gelish Vitagel RECOVERY

Formulated for thin & damaged nails

The first ever LED/UV light cured vitamin nail strengthener

Formaldehyde, Toluene & DBP Free!

Gelish® VitaGel™ RECOVERY is the answer when thin, brittle, weak or damaged nails call for help!

  • Maximum Strength Formula
  • All the benefits of STRENGTH in a more concentrated formula for added durability
  • Vitagel RECOVERY fortifies and strengthens the natural nail to counteract stress and increase flexibilty
  • Works best as a base coat in actual contact with the natural nail

Gelish VitaGel STRENGTH

Formulated to maintain natural nails

The first ever LED/UV light cured vitamin nail strengthener

Formaldehyde, Toluene & DBP Free!

VitaGel™ STRENGTH is a revolutionary natural nail strengthener

  • Enriched with Vitamins A, E and B5
  • Designed to strengthen the natural nail
  • Grow longer and stronger nails, free of blemishes
  • Helps Gelish and Nail Lacquer resist chipping for extended wear
  • Can be worn alone as a natural nail strengthener

STRENGTH & RECOVERY are the solutions to repairing weak, thin, brittle and damaged nails.  Specifically developed to be applied alone, under Gelish or any nail lacquer, to encourage healthy nails and flawless wear.  The ideal treatment for use after all nail enhancement removals.

Vitagel's protective and strengthening properties reinforce nail growth while guarding the natural nail from peeling, splitting and chipping.

The result ?   Beautiful, healthy, strong nails and long lasting manicures.

Amplify the beauty of your Vitagel manicure with gorgeous shades of Gelish soak off gel polish.  Vitagel promotes conditioning of the natural nail with vitamins A, B5 & E, while providing all of the exclusive benefits of a Gelish manicure.

Nail Lacquer - When worn under nail lacquer, Vitagel extends wear for weeks at a time.  Since Vitagel adds a protective layer, you have the option to change nail lacquer colours as often as you like (when nail lacquer is removed with a Non-Acetone polish remover)


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