Aphrodite Nails Price List 2017

File & Polish   1 hour    £10.00

Includes re-shape & Varnish

Manicure      1 hour  £14.00

Pedicure       1 hour   £16.00

Helps maintain well groomed nails, soften skin & also improves the whole appearance of the hands & feet.  Includes file, soak & shape & cuticle treatment.  Followed by a relaxing arm & hand/leg & foot massage.  Finished off with a colour varnish of your choice.

Luxury Manicure   1 hour 15 mins    £18.00

Luxury Pedicure    1 hour 15 mins    £20.00

This deeply conditions & moisturises the hands/feet, leaving the skin supple & the nails nourished.  It includes the same as the basic manicure & pedicure, plus exfoliation & mask, with heated mitts & boots.  Followed by a relaxing arm & hand/leg & foot massage.  Finished off with a colour varnish of your choice.

Extras for Manicure & Pedicure

Paraffin Wax treatment   -   Additional   £5.00

French Polish                   -   Additional   £2.50

Manicure by OPI   1 hour                 £20.00

Brings you professional facial quality hand care.  The luxurious 4 step manicure, exfoliates, revitalises, renews & protects your hands.  For younger looking hands, experience the luxurious restorative manicure by OPI.  Younger looking hands are possible.  Clients who have mature & dehydrated skin will receive the very best of treatments.

Pedicure by OPI    1 hour                 £25.00

Offers the ultimate pedicure experience that cleanses, renews & restores the spirit & mind as well as the feet.  Pedicure by OPI is a system of professional products developed to transform ordinary pedicures into an extraordinary spa experience.  Formulated with natures most soothing & effective botanicals like green tea, matricaria, calendula, orange flower, geranium & rose & anti-oxident vitamins A & E.

Bio Sculpture Gel Nails, Full Set Overlays  1 hour 15 min   £27.00

Bio Sculpture Gel looks as thin & natural as your own nails, only better!

Nails are prepared & cuticle work done.  Gel is merely applied onto the prepared nail, with no time consuming build up process.  It is self levelling & cures under a UVA lamp in 2 minutes.  Bio Sculpture Gel is available in more than 150 fashion colours, delicate shimmers, french manicures & glitter gels, that will not chip.  The benefits are endless : No damage to the natural nail plate. Thin & natural looking.  Strong & flexible.  Will not chip or wear away unlike standard nail varnish.  Strengthens & conditions the natural nails.  Excellent for toe nails too.  Dries in 2 minutes.  Excellent for your Wedding day or holidays.  Please see Bio Sculpture Gel website for available colours.


Full set Soak off                          £6.00

Soak off & Full set Overlays        £31.00

1 Nail Repair                                £1.00

1 Tip or Sculptured Nail                £4.00

Nail Art

1 Gem/Stripe per nail                  £1.00

2 Gems/Stripes per nail              £1.75    

Individual Nail Art Designs from        £10.00 per set

Minx ™

Minx Nails   1 hour    £25.50

The latest must-have fashion accessory!! Minx nail fashion is a new and glamorous way for women to extend fashion to their very fingertips.  Minx Nails have become the very latest fashion accessory for the celebs, being worn by names such as Victoria Beckham, Christina Aguillara, Rihanna & Beyonce, to name but a few. Minx is a solid film with an adhesive backing that is heat activated.  Minx is long lasting and looks fabulous.  Can last for up to 8 weeks.  Visit the SweetSquared website to see the range of Minx designs. www.sweetsquared.com

Nails are prepared, cuticle work done.  All that's left is for you to choose from a range of designs.

Gelish Manicure or Pedicure   1 hour 15 mins         £18.95

Includes file, shape & cuticle treatment. New from Hand & Nail Harmony comes Gelish Colour Gels.  Gelish performs like a gel and applies like a polish.  Guaranteed to last up to 3 weeks on natural nails.  Gelish is Keratin based, improving your natural nails over time, making it the ideal product for all you ladies who love your manicures.   The Harmony L.E.D. 18G  is a scientifically engineered, precisely calibrated lamp of exceptional quality.  It has been specially designed for rapid, efficient gel curing - just 30 seconds each layer.  Which means a super quick turnaround for a complete set of nails - Great if you only have your lunch break to have your nails done.  Gelish stays on nails for up to three weeks with no chipping or peeling & soaks off in less than 15 minutes.  

As Summer has crept up, we've seen bright colours popping up in every fashion house and on every catwalk.  Why not try the new Neon or Aurora Gelish range, ready for your Summer holidays and be the envy of all the other beach babes.  Mix this season's yellows, greens, pinks and oranges, with white, cream and other pale colours to make your nails pop in the sunshine.  Try neon marbelling - all your favourite neons swirled together to make individual patterns - it looks amazing.  Remember, this year, orange is the new gold.

Full set Soak off                                            £5.50

Full set Soak off/Cuticle work/File                  £6.50

Soak off & Full set Gelish Overlays                £21.95

For a limited time a FREE pinkie SolarOil, with every Gelish or Shellac Treatment.  With a stunning mix of the highest quality grade oils, jojoba, vitamin E, rice bran & sweet almond.  Everybody loves SolarOil.  Labelled as the miracle in a bottle.  Sweep it across your nails and cuticle area & allow it to penetrate deeply to prevent your nails from becoming brittle & promotes healthy nail growth.

Genuine Swarovski Crystallized Elements - Manicures FROM £45.00     & Pedicures - Full Set £45.00

For a dazzling fashion statement, this is a new trend hitting the nail salons!  Having crystals applied to your nails or toes is becoming very popular and looks great, especially for those who like their bling!  It is a long process to have them put on, as each crystal is individually applied, but it is well worth it, if you like being pampered and being the most glamourous & trend setting girl around !

Famous Names' Revolutionary IBX & IBX Repair System    £7.50 per treatment

For a limited time only, 5 treatments for £28.00 

IBX Repair is an intensive treatment to target imperfections and weaknesses that prevent natural nails from growing long.  It is also used to improve the nail plate integrity under any gel polish coating.  It is used in addition to IBX to treat particularly weak, thin and damaged nails.
IBX is a penetrating toughening agent that fuses together the nail's top layers to keep your nails strong so that they grow long!

Callus Peel Treatment

Callus Peel Treatment (one patch per foot)                                                                              £22.00

Callus Peel Treatment (one patch per foot), with relaxing foot soak & Foot Scrub                      £30.00

Callus Peel Treatment (one patch per foot), with Deluxe Pedicure incl soak, scrub & Polish        £38.00

Extra Callus Peel Treatment Set                                                                                               £6.50

LCN Wilde-Pedique is a UV Gel, Specifically for Toe Nails

We all know that our feet have to endure a great deal of stress.  More and more people are becoming aware of the fact that only regular care can guarantee healthy and beautiful feet.  LCN products and treatments are perfectly suited for daily foot care, the treatment of problem areas, the improvement of skin elasticity, the increase of circulation and the relief of extreme discomfort.  Results-driven, quality foot care based on special formulations that are the result of the very latest research and development

LCN Wilde-Pedique is a UV Gel, Specifically for Toe Nails - £10-£20 dependant on the work required on the primary toe (big toe) and £3.50 each for any others in need of work

If you want great looking toe nails or missing toe nails restored, partially or completely, LCN have the answer

Wilde-Pedique Plus is a gel system designed specifically for toenails.  It is an extremely elastic UV gel, which adapts to the movements of the toe.  Its unique adhesive properties mean that good results can be achieved on calloused layers of skin where there is no toe nail, and it has anti-fungal properties!!  The "Plus" is the anti-mykotic agent Olamine Piroctone to protect against and treat fungal infection.

Wilde-Pedique is effective on scaly nail surfaces, for correcting ridges and deformations, for hiding discolouration and for protecting growing toe nails.  For the fashion conscious LCN offer an extensive range of colour gels for permanent polish finishes, french finishes or nail art designs

Who would want an LCN Wilde Pedique gel toe nail treatment ?

  • People who like to show off their toes!  who like a permanent polish finish, french finish or nail art designs
  • Clients requiring toe nail correction or a false nail for protection because of trauma or surgery
  • Those requiring relief from discomfort while wearing foot wear,  by having a protective covering, for in-growing toe nails or cover areas that are especially sensitive due to chronic conditions.
  • Clients with psoriatic nails or nails requiring protection from infection due to vertical splits, and also diabetic clients.

Shellac   Manicure  45 Mins     £20.00

Shellac incl  Nail Art       £26.00

Includes file, shape & cuticle treatment.  The Shellac system features a base coat, colour coat & top coat, all cured under a UV lamp. Shellac is a breakthrough in resilient colour that remains flawless for 2 weeks & removes in 10 minutes.   Shellac can be used over any gel product.  Equally revolutionary is how gently & easily Shellac comes off.  Shellac Remover Wraps feature an integrated pad that limits fingers & skin exposure to acetone by keeping it pinpointed on just the nail.  Built-in adhesive tabs secure them perfectly in place every time.  Don't soak, file or drill, Just Wrap!   Visit the SweetSquared website to see the range of Shellac cours. www.sweetsquared.com

Full set Soak off                                     £4.50 

Soak off & Full set Shellac Overlays      £23.00